Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Iphone 4S

The wait has finally ended, the iPhone 5 iPhone 4S was finally announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook early today. No doubt that it was a very big let down to everyone in the world, everyone was expecting an iPhone5  and the cell phone case makers have largely produced their so called iPhone5 casing. 

Oh well no matter its iPhone5 or iPhone 4S, I am still very impressed with what Apple placed in within the phone. It has the same hardware that powers the iPad2 which is Apple A5 Dual-core-processor CPU which enables 7x faster graphic performace and smoother web browsing experience. The camera has been upgraded to a 8 megapixels with backlight illuminating sensor which allows us to capture clearer picture in low  light condition. In a pro's words it has a F2.4 aperture lens.

Other than that, the camera on the iPhone also enables us to shoot 1080HD video. Something which I consider not so important though. With IOS 5, there are at least 200 more new features to the new phone as proclaimed by Apple. My personal favourite is the iCloud which is the easiest way to manage all my stuff because it manages all for me. iCloud stores music, photos, apps, mails contacts, calender and documents wirelessly, automatic, effortless and seamless. 

The biggest feature added I would say is SIRI which is a voice assistant  that allows us to do anything we want just by talking to our phone. It allows us to "ask for a reminder, ask about the weather and even ask to send a text message". This app should come in handy for people like me who loves to SMS Whatsapp while driving. There is an iMessage integrated in IOS 5 which allows iphone, ipad and ipod touch users to send text to each other for free. This is something similar to BBM, but I find it pointless as many would prefer cross platform messenger like Whatsapp.

All in all, is this the phone to buy? 
To iPhone4 user, I would not advise you to buy as it looks exactly identical to the phone which you are using now. Additional features will serve you better but I bet you will get bored with it soon as its the same identical looking phone that you are buying. Its just Apple's scam to siphon money out of you. Be patient and wait another 15 months for iPhone5

To iPhone 3G or 3GS user or non iPhone users, Yes if you are looking for an upgrade of phone or wanting to try out Apple's product. After trying out the incredible features with an IOS will make you not wanting to convert back to normal phones, not even android. Haha... 



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