Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Official Facebook App for iPad

Yo peeps long time no update. Today is my first time updating my blog using my ipad2, I am not really used to it yet though. The latest hit today is Facebook finally releases an official app for ipad2.. Whoots!! This is good news as we can officially bit My Pad or Friendly good bye. I just downloaded the app from app store and tested it out. One word..AWESOME.. For iPad owners out there.. Hurry up and download and try it out..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Iphone 4S

The wait has finally ended, the iPhone 5 iPhone 4S was finally announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook early today. No doubt that it was a very big let down to everyone in the world, everyone was expecting an iPhone5  and the cell phone case makers have largely produced their so called iPhone5 casing. 

Oh well no matter its iPhone5 or iPhone 4S, I am still very impressed with what Apple placed in within the phone. It has the same hardware that powers the iPad2 which is Apple A5 Dual-core-processor CPU which enables 7x faster graphic performace and smoother web browsing experience. The camera has been upgraded to a 8 megapixels with backlight illuminating sensor which allows us to capture clearer picture in low  light condition. In a pro's words it has a F2.4 aperture lens.

Other than that, the camera on the iPhone also enables us to shoot 1080HD video. Something which I consider not so important though. With IOS 5, there are at least 200 more new features to the new phone as proclaimed by Apple. My personal favourite is the iCloud which is the easiest way to manage all my stuff because it manages all for me. iCloud stores music, photos, apps, mails contacts, calender and documents wirelessly, automatic, effortless and seamless. 

The biggest feature added I would say is SIRI which is a voice assistant  that allows us to do anything we want just by talking to our phone. It allows us to "ask for a reminder, ask about the weather and even ask to send a text message". This app should come in handy for people like me who loves to SMS Whatsapp while driving. There is an iMessage integrated in IOS 5 which allows iphone, ipad and ipod touch users to send text to each other for free. This is something similar to BBM, but I find it pointless as many would prefer cross platform messenger like Whatsapp.

All in all, is this the phone to buy? 
To iPhone4 user, I would not advise you to buy as it looks exactly identical to the phone which you are using now. Additional features will serve you better but I bet you will get bored with it soon as its the same identical looking phone that you are buying. Its just Apple's scam to siphon money out of you. Be patient and wait another 15 months for iPhone5

To iPhone 3G or 3GS user or non iPhone users, Yes if you are looking for an upgrade of phone or wanting to try out Apple's product. After trying out the incredible features with an IOS will make you not wanting to convert back to normal phones, not even android. Haha... 

Iphone 5 LIVE!!!!!

Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event is going to start in a few hours, and we will post live updates for those who just can’t wait one more minute to learn about the latest features, services and availability information of the next iPhone.
Head to live.ubergizmo.com to follow the live event, then come back to ubergizmo.com to get the details.
Apple users, is this the day you’ve been waiting for? Android users, what do you think about the iPhone 5?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Trip to Sungai Petani

It was a few months back when my childhood bestie Tracie and Jo are out in Penang, and one sunny afternoon I went on a trip with their family to Sungai Petani, Kedah for lunch. It was a 40 minutes drive from Penang island. The journey there was smooth as there was no jam along the way.
 Crossing the Penang Bridge, usually it takes only 20 minutes to cross the bridge provided there is no jam.
The restaurant we went was called Chuan Heang, which is located somewhere deep in the ulu places inside Sungai Petani. This is Tracie, Jo and their father.
Right after we sat down, we immediately ordered some of their well known dishes and of course their refreshing coconut water. The coconut is big, filled with coconut water and fleshy and most importantly its very fresh.
This is their famous appetizers, which is called Man Tou Fish Wrap. Man tou stands for steamed bun in chinese. The steamed bun are soft and freshly steamed wrapped around the deep fried fish cracker. Steaming hot bun plus hot fried fish cracker, this combination is fantabulously awesome.
We also ordered stir fry tou fu. Its a very common dish and you can get it in mostly every restaurant. But in order to make it tasty it requires some skills. The tou fu must be first deep fried till crispy and then stir fried with the sauce.
 The highlight of the day is this dish which is braised pork knuckle. Seriously I have a crave for pork knuckle, no matter its deep fried, german style or braised pork knuckle, they are my all time favourite. The braise pork knuckle was made to perfection. The meat is so tender and juicy that it immediately melts in your mouth.
Fish dish is very common too, we ordered steam fish thai style so it combines a taste of sweet sour and spicy. A very appetizing dish I would say, but I am not a fan of fish.
And lastly me with our super "wai sek" face. Hahaha. Well lunch was good I will give it a 7 out of 10 for the tastiness of the food. If given a free lift to the restaurant I would not mind a second visit. Hahaha..  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

iPhone 5 cases for real in AT&T stores

After months of speculations and lots of China made iPhone 5 casing surfaced on the web, we finally get a glimpsed of AT&T's store and inventory system of Case-mate's cases for the upcoming iPhone 5.
Judging by the casing we see above we can expect the new generation iPhone to be much more slimmer than the current iPhone 4. Its good that Apple decided to shed some weight on its new iPhone and it has more curved shape compared to iPhone 4. I somehow felt that iPhone 4 is too squarish and bulky.
Few days back, there was a leak on AT&T's inventory system on the casing of iPhone 5. So we suppose the new generation iPhone will be named iPhone 5 instead of the speculated iPhone 4S. Case-mate was the company which accidentally leaked and removed pictures of the iPhone 5 cases earlier this month, thus its not a surprise that they are really making protective cases for the new iPhone.

iPhone 5 with just 4 Days to Go

With just 4 more days to go, the long awaited iPhone 5 or 4S will finally be revealed. I cant hide the fact that I am very anticipating for this phone. But not up to the point that I will queue up for days to be the first one to buy the phone. Haha. However I will definitely get it sometime after awhile as IOS have proven to me its a more stable OS.

Few days back Apple sent out numerous invitations to members of major media outlets for a media event that is scheduled for October 4th. The new Chief Executive of Apple,Tim cook is set to lead the meeting. The meeting is currently set for 10AM Pacific Time. The invitations were sent out with the headline “Let’s talk iPhone” so we know there will be some major next-generation iPhone discussion happening.The location will be at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

There are many rumors as to what the iPhone will look like and what functions it will have. There has been some speculation that the iPhone will be completely redesigned but other rumors have the new iPhone being almost identical to the iPhone 4. However its still a mystery to us on whether how the new iPhone will look, so let us wait till the day which it will be finally revealed.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bukit Genting Thai Food

Greetings to everyone.. Its been a very long time that I have been absent from the world of blogsphere. Well I have to admit I lost the interest in blogging. But a sudden urge made me felt like blogging again, thus here I am. A short intro about myself "I am just a simple guy living in Penang who enjoys taking nice pictures, tasting nice food, not too geeky, not too dopey and likes to hang around to get to know more people."

Enough for the intro, lets begin with my post. This is about scenery??? No no.... Its absolutely not only about scenery in my blog. Its about a place called Bukit Genting. Genting Highlands??? NO NO NO.. Its Bukit Genting in Penang. Its located somewhere towards the south west of the island. I have long heard about that place but yet to have a chance to visit the place.

There is a Thai Restaurant up at the peak of the hill and I was told the food was worth trying, thus few months back I finally decided to pay the place a visit. I went there around the evening and driving up the hill really requires alot of skill. However it all paid off with a nice view of the sunset.
I would say that the view there is magnificent as you are able to see the whole view of Balik Pulau and if you are lucky enough you will also be able to witness a beautiful sunset.
An order was placed immediately once settled down as the journey to this place made me very hungry. Some of the restaurant's famous dishes were ordered.
As we waited for our food to be served, the perfect sunset view suits as an entertainer to everyone.
The first dish was one of their chef's recomendation "Green Curry Chicken". Well to me it just taste so so only.. I have tasted better ones...
As for this pucha crab, I would say you dont normally get this anywhere. The minced stuffing was filled to the max into the crab's shell and then deep fried. For that price, its kind worth though.
We ordered that style steam fish, I have nothing but awesome for this dish. This fish was very fresh and the time of steaming the fish is just nice and it was not overcooked.
When you are dining in a Thai restaurant, there is something which you definitely have to order which is their Tom Yam. But it was quite a let down as the Tom Yam didnt taste good.
Lastly we ordered their desert, I kinda forget the name already but it taste not bad as its sweet, cooling and refreshing. Overall dinner was ok, the environment was great and the food was ok. However I felt the place got a bit overrated. Dining here will be pleasant minus of the travelling up the hill part. LOL. Thats all for this comeback post of mine. Till the next post...See ya.....


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